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CAD CAM (solidwork-Solidcam)


With this program, the participants will be expected to be able to draw solid and surface model drawings and montage, create technical drawings and make glass designs for CNC machines in various CAD-CAM programs. With CNC lathe and milling machines used in the production of machine and mold parts, to design and manufacture glass by using drawing and production programs on computer.

1. Solid modeling,
2. Surface modeling,
3. Sheet metal modeling,
4. Profile modeling,
5. Molding,
6. Animation,
7. Technical graphing of the solid model,
8. Drawing solid parts in CAD-CAM or opening ready made solid part file,
9. Selecting Autocad from the menu,
10. NC code generation



Making Machine designs using the Solidworks program
Creation of machine manufacturing codes using Solidcam program
For this course; Presentation, demonstration, problem solving, question-answer, group work, brain storming, applied study; application, research, following latest developments, etc. methods and techniques.
Using drawing and production programs on computer with individual learning methods.
Each trainee’s performance on the assigned computer.
VCD, DVD, overhead projector, projection, computer and equipments, teaching materials etc.
At the end of the training, an applicable project work dependent on the content of the course will be conducted.

Graduates of at least high school and the equivalent