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Automation Systems


  • We train our participants as electrical-electronics maintenance repairmen.

1. Detector technique
2. Control and control of asynchronous motors with control circuit elements
3. Motor drivers
4. Project design with e-plan drawing program
5. Pneumatic -Electropneumatic systems
6. Hydraulic -Electro hydraulic systems
7. Basic PLC Systems
8. PLC Programming Techniques
9. Analog processing with PLC
10. Electropneumatic system control with PLC
11. Operator panels
12. Industrial Automation Systems Design
13. Flexible Manufacturing Systems System Design and Application


Siemens PLC S7-200 programming, control, design process will be done.
Circuit design via Fluid-Sim Pneumatic-Hydraulic and Electropneumatic-Hydraulic Program
Application of circuit design with adhesive circuit symbols
Operator panel applications will be applied via WinCC flexible programming.
Performing Motor Speed Control applications
PLC and Kumandamelzelerive catalogs,
Presentation of industrial applications on computer as slides and films.
Application on electropneumatic-hydraulic and pneumatic-hydraulic, PLC and Operator panel sets
Connecting the automatic control circuits on the panel
At the end of the training, a suitable project work will be done for the content of the course.
Participation in fair and business trips