Robot System Maintenance and Programmer 

• To train our participants as Robotic System Maintenance and Programmer.
1. Basic robot safety principle
2. Basic Robot Training
3. Welding Technology
4. Basic Welding application
5. Welding on Robots
6. Writing a software with Robot
7. Simulation with Robot Studio Program
8. Robot Fault Care Search Training

Programming, controlling and designing processes will be conducted over ABB IRB 1600 Robot.
Gas metal arc welding will be applied in Basic Welding applications.
Software writing application will be performed via Robot Studio Program.
Simulation Run application will be performed via Robot Studio Program.
The failure and maintenance procedures that occur in the field of robot application will be followed up.
The security principles used in the robots will be taught.
At the end of the training, an applicable project work will be conducted dependent on the content of the course.
Participation in fair and business trips
Preferably a graduate of at least Vocational High School (Electrical Electronics, Informatics, Machinery, Industrial Automation and Mechatronics Departments